Welcome to Glass Odyssey Corvette Club!


The Glass Odyssey Corvette Club of Kitsap County (GOCC) is a non profit organization that was incorporated under the statutes of the State of Washington in March 1972 to encourage the promotion and preservation in the pride of the ownership of Corvettes and to further the interest of owners and drivers of Corvette cars; promote, sponsor and organize outings, meetings, exhibitions and other Corvette activities; encourage Corvette drivers and owners and to promote the exchange of ideas and general and technical information relative their Corvettes; and to encourage safe and sportsman-like driving habits on public highways.

Who we are.

Above all, we are people who love driving our Corvettes!
We encourage safe and sportsmanlike driving habits on public roads.
We sponsor, promote and organize meetings and events related to Corvettes.

Our club members share technical information on Corvettes and we
encourage the exchange of ideas and information related to Corvettes.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing the excitement about your own Corvette!

We look forward to seeing you at our next event.