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  Celebrating Our 41st Year  
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  March 2014  

March 23 Survivor's Cruise (Photography by Christine Dosa)
  December 2013  

December 14 Toys For Tots (Photography by Christine Dosa)
  September 2013  

September 18 McCord AFB C17 Tour (Photography by Dave Ellingson)
  August 2013  

August 6 Shari's Event (Photography by Caeleigh Villarreal)
August 16-18 Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 Event (Photography by Byron & Sally Kane)

In January of 2013 Ken brought up the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013 and the fact they would be celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the Corvette with many Corvette attractions and events. One was the Corvette Corral, which included parade laps. Sounded like a great experience so several started down the path to go to this event. Of those who started down the path, only the Ken & Susie and Byron & Sally finished. We did bring back memories and photos to share.


This was really Vintage Racing, not one type of car, but many different racecars from many different eras. From big spoke wheeled racers to the fat tire burning big horsepower classics of the late 1980s. You had to like at least one car, there were so many.


The racing was just continuous; you never had a wait for the next race. Races were 20 minutes long and if there was a caution or red flag, that time was part of the 20 minutes of the race. When the race was concluded, the next race started in 5 minutes. You probably would not want to do back-to-back races with this type of schedule.


The Corvette C7 was the featured production car. There were about a dozen C7s of various colors and trim. You were allowed to sit in and get the feel of a C7. Ken, Susie, Byron and Sally all took their turns behind the wheel. GM had knowledgeable representatives to answer all your questions. One question, "Can we buy one now". Short answer was "No, you have to wait". Darn...


We had a great time with great friends driving great cars. The races ended all to soon, but another adventure awaited us. The drive home via the wine country of California and Crater Lake in Oregon was next. But that is another adventure story and hundreds more photos and memories.


1st Full Day: This day we did not go to the track, but relaxed and adjusted to the hot dry weather. We saw many Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance cars drive by mid morning. That evening we attended a wine tasting and dinner at a local winery. The gentleman sitting next to Sally owns several Ferraris and is the owner of the winery. The wines were excellent and the food excelled in taste and presentation.

Ken Susie At Dinner Waiting To Go Sally Byron At Dinner

C7s Hot Laps: There were five C7 Corvettes, which ran Hot Laps to demo the C7 on the track. They did very well for a production street car. The fastest C7 clocked 118 mph and the fastest racer clocked 138 on the grandstand straight. The C7 is a very impressive Corvette.


Corvette Corral: The Corvette Corral was paved and very large. There were probably more than 500 Corvettes of all colors and years. Most Corvettes were of the C5 and C6 models, most but some highly modified. One Red C5 Corvette had a supercharger and nitrous, very well done, but where do you use all that extra power? All cars backed in Corvette Style, sure was impressive to see them all shined up.

Not Racing Today Corvettes ToMany To Count It Looks Original
Ken At The Head Of The Line Ken Byron Corvettes These Were Cool
A Sea Of Corvettes   Mostly C5 C6 Corvettes

Corvette Parade Laps:This was a fun experience, especially for us at the tail end of the line. You have heard of the bungee cord effect. Those that went first got way down the track before we even set a tire on the track. Of course we just had to catch up and that we did!!


The Corkscrew was something else. The track comes over a hill, you cannot see where it goes and Corkscrews to the bottom. I was up on the steering wheel looking for the track, now that is enough to get your attention.


We did two parade laps; the first was the most fun catching up. The second was pretty much a parade lap doing maybe 60 at times. In our group on Saturday there were about 130 Corvettes, the remainder who wanted to do parade laps did them on Sunday. The Sunday Corvettes were much slower than the Saturday group; the bungee cord effect was somehow removed, wonder why !

Ken Susie On ParadeLap Parade Corvettes In The Corkscrew Parade Corvettes In The Last Turn
Up To Top Of The Corkscrew   Parade Lap Ends

Corvette Racing: This was an interesting demo lap. I believe this is the new Corvette racing machine. It came out of the hauler, did two laps and back into the hauler. Guess they did not want you to get a good look at it and the camouflage sure did help. It did laps as fast as the fastest racers.

  This Is The New Corvette Racing Car  

Sting Ray Island Corvette Exhibition Cars: General Motors had several Corvette Exhibition Cars on Sting Ray Island. These were one of a kind Corvettes from GM's collection of autos. I did like the Manta Ray, outstanding lines. Sting Ray Island was the focal point for registration, parade instructions, the NCM store and Exhibition Cars.

1956 Corvette SR2 1959 Corvette Stingray Racer 1961 Mako Shark Hot Exhaust
1969 Corvette MantaRay Manta Ray Is Sharp Split Window Coupe

The C7s On Display: Wow, what can you say here? There were probably a dozen C7s some of which you could sit in and get the feel of what it is like behind the wheel. Of course we did not go anywhere, but we did find out a few things. The visibility out the back of the Coupe is less than the C6, something to get use to in time. I can work with it. They seemed to have most colors present. You really need to see the car for the color; photos do not really do the colors justice.

Big Exhaust Tip Rear Scoops Carbon Fiber Top
Carbon Fiber Top Also Nice Exhaust Enclosures If It Opens It Is Open
Note Smoked Top RoofLine Painted Top C7 Convertible
Sally Byron C7 Under The Skin Of The C7 Smoked Top

The Pits: This is where the smell of racing comes alive, gas, oil, tires and noise. Some cars were ready to race, some were in pieces, but all were racecars. Race groups started about every 30 minutes and lasted about 20 minutes so the pits were always active with cars coming and going. There was never a dull moment.

1973 Corvette 5700cc 1978 Corvette 5870cc All Had Pit Passes Maybe
C5 Racer Family Affair Greenwood Corvette
Just Race Cars   One Fast Corvette

Vintage Racing: This is what it is about, Vintage Racing. These Racecars come in various colors, sizes, shapes, horsepower and design. One had a single rear wheel; it lost that wheel and had to be hauled back to the pits.


The Corkscrew caused the most problems for the racers. One race saw five or so cars tangle on the first and second Corkscrew corners and plow into the deep gravel where they had to be pulled out. In another race the 1st and 2nd running cars tangled at the top of the Corkscrew. Apparently the 2nd place car was a bit faster at that point and rode up over the rear tire of the 1st place car. The "Slow Ride Home" was not number 8's vision of how his race should have ended.

1957 Corvette In The Mix 2003 Corvette C5R Braking For Turn One
Corvette Is Ahead For Now Corvette Race Corvettes Is Ahead
Couple More Corvettes Heading For The Pace Car Last Turn Of The Corkscrew
Nice Racer Off They Go Older Race Car
Out Of The Pits Serious Racers Slow Ride Home
They Were Loud Trouble Double On Corkscrew Trouble On The Corkscrew
Very Fast Cars Waiting for PaceCar You Will Need Ear Plugs
  July 2013  

July 31 Bucks A&W Event (Photography by Caeleigh Villarreal)
July 27 Whaling Days Parade (Photography by Caeleigh Villarreal)
  June 2013  

June 22 GOCC Corvette Summer Car Show at Grey Chevrolet (Photography by Kay Shipley and Lance Otis)
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June 1 Vettes for Vets (Photography by Caeleigh Villarreal)